About Us

Our Experience and Intuition Combine to Create Superior Trading Software Solutions

Who We Are

We are industry-leading financial market data providers.

Innotap is the leading provider of real-time power trading programs and decision support for energy and commodity traders who require low-latency market data and trading solutions. Innotap’s mission is to provide its customers with the ability to easily access, visualize, process, analyze and exploit big data sets fast enough to capture opportunities before energy/commodity markets change. Innotap aggregates and delivers data from various data suppliers, including Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) in North America to enable intra-day liquidity and competitive electricity markets.

Given Innotap’s cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, its customers realize highly compelling operational efficiencies and return on investment. Innotap’s fault-tolerant systems architecture and proprietary data aggregation and delivery model ensure unsurpassed reliability and performance for real-time data exploitation.

Innotap’s product presentation suite includes DecisionDock®, RealDeal® Dashboards and InstaTrend® services which offer a rich graphical user interface for surveillance and monitoring of ISO/RTO market conditions. Data services include PowerFeed™ for Excel® which streams real-time market data directly into spreadsheets, enabling trigger analysis and trade execution based on user-defined rules; and PowerFeed™ Extractor which publishes available data to a customer’s local repository, updating it throughout the day to support ad hoc analysis of market conditions.

How We Help You

We know the pain you experience trading on a daily basis – being short on time and overwhelmed with too much information while opportunities pass you by. Innotap is driven to serve your decision support needs, helping you get ahead and stay ahead.

Innotap’s software products will enhance your decision making processes. We design our products to make full use of your knowledge and expertise as an energy trader.

As veterans of the energy business, we leverage our understanding of the challenges you face every day on the tradefloor. Our goal is to provide energy and commodity trading programs that arm you with information about qualified opportunities and threats that help you make better trading decisions faster in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Our customers consist of multiple Fortune 200 companies and smaller trading organizations alike that have been using our software for several years. They benefit every day from our products, which have become integrated into their real-time trading decision processes.

What We Believe

Innotap believes that innovation is the result of a creative process. We leverage our experience, creativity and intuition to create superior software solutions. We immerse ourselves in our customers’ environment.

We work so closely with our customers to understand what they’re thinking that, after a while, they’ve told us it’s as if we can “read their minds.” We observe everything that’s going on as they conduct business. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that matter – that extra something that gives us special insight into what functionality we should provide and how.

We believe that there should be minimal dissonance between what you want to do and what you have to do while using our software to make it happen.

How We Operate

We don’t just sit down and ask questions to get customers’ requirements. Rather, we ask a few leading questions and then listen and observe, shadowing our ultimate end users. We share in their pain and experience what’s going on through “their eyes.”

Working together, we explore the pain points and examine what’s causing them. Next, we envision alternatives. A new way of doing things that’s closer to the way they think about getting their tasks done.

Then we “document” these requirements quickly by creating software prototypes that we share with our customers. We iterate through several versions of prototype revisions where we discuss the requirements, asking such questions as: What does this prototype offer us that we don’t have now? What’s the most valuable aspect of the prototype? How would this alleviate our pain? What else does it need to do to make our job easier? And so on and so forth.

This description doesn’t really do justice to our ultra agile approach to development. We can refer you to customers we’ve worked with to better appreciate how what we do is much more effective than any other similar effort they’ve gone through in the past. And we have some highly innovative, game changing products that we’ve been responsible for bringing to market.