MCG Energy Solutions Has Acquired Innotap

Effective May 1, 2018, we are delighted to announce that MCG Energy Solutions has acquired Innotap.

MCG Energy Solutions is a 23-year old software company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, specializing in operating and financial systems for the wholesale power and gas industries. Innotap is a leading provider of real-time power trading and decision support tools that help energy and commodity traders quickly and easily capture opportunities before markets change. Integrating Innotap’s suite of data visualization, analytics, and decision support for power trading with MCG’s Energy Product Suite will enable MCG to provide customers a complete trade execution solution from front to back office within their existing MCG operating systems. The acquisition of Innotap reinforces MCG’s position as a growing leader in the North American energy software industry.

“Innotap’s line of pre-trade analysis and transaction monitoring products extends MCG’s focus on the front office and reinforces our strong portfolio in the front, middle and back offices,” said MCG’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Prickett. “We are very excited to add Innotap’s products and people to MCG’s rapidly expanding footprint in the energy software space.”

“Joining forces with MCG will accelerate our growth by leveraging MCG’s resources and strength in the industry” said Innotap’s co-founder and CEO, Ron Swartz. “Our combined software suite will enable us to provide a fully integrated SaaS platform with the only available end-to-end solution on the market today offering real-time data visualization and analysis for power trading decisions, trade capture, e-tagging, scheduling, OASIS inventory management, transmission reservations, FTR management, contract management, load forecasting, generation management, credit, risk, and settlements.”

Moon Chung, Innotap co-founder and VP of Software Development, added that “the similarities in our product platforms enhance our ability to integrate Innotap and MCG software to the benefit of all of our customers.”

Find out more at the MCG Energy Solutions website.

Software Services

  • Day Ahead LMP Forecaster

    Predictive Analytics for Day Ahead Price Forecasts

    Provides precision price forecasts for the evolving grid. Updates every 30 minutes with forecast and confidence factor. Alerts available on all aspects of the forecasts, including price spreads between locations. High/Low price bands based on historical error analysis, and historical forecasts preserved for review/replay. Utilizes a dynamic mix of thousands of data elements, including fuel … Continue reading Day Ahead LMP Forecaster

  • PowerFeed® Data Repository

    Near realtime updates of user selected data to a FTP repository or the cloud

    Provides near realtime updates of user selected data from market sources such as PJM, Midwest ISO (MISO), Texas (ERCOT), California (CAISO), New England (ISO-NE), New York (NYISO), Southwest Power Pool (SPP), etc. that are published to a secure FTP website or to the cloud. This service creates comma separated values (.csv) files in a folder … Continue reading PowerFeed® Data Repository

  • PowerFeed® API

    Realtime Streaming of Market Data into Proprietary Trading Solutions

    The PowerFeed® API provides a de facto standard programming interface for streaming realtime market data into proprietary trading solutions. This API establishes a session between a proprietary application and Innotap’s realtime information servers that push all requested subscribed data to the application the instant the data updates at the source.

  • PowerFeed® for Excel®

    Real-Time Data Delivery to Your Spreadsheet

    Provides real-time data from market sources such as PJM, Midwest ISO (MISO), Texas (ERCOT), California (CAISO), New England (ISO-NE), New York (NYISO), Southwest Power Pool (SPP), etc. that can be referenced and manipulated inside Excel® spreadsheets, where the data displayed is automatically updated whenever it changes at the source. Use your own formulas to define … Continue reading PowerFeed® for Excel®

  • RealDeal® Dashboards

    Enhanced ISO/RTO Data and Information for Real-Time Power Trading

    Provides real-time market data updates, event monitoring, and alerts to help identify opportunities and threats relevant to a user’s trading strategy in the ISO/RTOs, including PJM, Midwest (MISO) and Texas (ERCOT) real-time nodal markets with more on their way, including California (CAISO), New York (NYISO), New England (ISONE), Southwest Power Pool (SPP), etc.

  • DecisionDock® SmartClient

    Desktop Management for Trading Apps

    Provides a virtual desktop for layout and docking of configurable dashboards that consolidate market data to facilitate real-time decision making.

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