Better Decisions Faster by Turning Your Knowledge into Power

The Only Realtime Decision Lifecycle Management System for Energy Trading

In the rapidly evolving world of energy trading, the real power comes from knowledge – knowing when, where and how to make decisions. The increased volatility of today’s energy markets and electricity bid-based, security-constrained economic dispatch with nodal pricing makes this task more daunting than ever. There’s simply not enough time and too much information to process. From now on, success in power and energy trading will depend on the ability of traders, using the latest technology, to fully leverage their knowledge and experience to make sense of it all.

Innotap software products are designed by traders, for traders to help you do just that. We focus on optimizing your trading decision lifecycle, automatically monitoring and alerting you to significant, realtime complex events that you define in advance, and enabling you to make decisions and take actions quickly and consistently. Leverage your tradefloor’s latest collective intelligence for better, faster trades, and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Click here to find out what’s new >>

Software Services

  • DecisionDock®

    Provides a virtual desktop for layout and docking of configurable dashboards that consolidate market data to facilitate realtime decision making.

  • InstaTrend®

    Instantaneous Price Trend Monitoring and Analysis

    Provides you with realtime insight into instantaneous price trends of the PJM, MISO, or ERCOT markets. Eliminate the need for extremely tedious and highly repetitive manual data monitoring and analysis of operational data and electricity dispatch and nodal pricing. Instead, let InstaTrend® do this for you and alert you both visually and with sounds to the conditions you specify in advance. Know instantly when and where the market's moving so you can take appropriate actions consistent with your realtime trading strategy.

  • RealDeal® Dashboards

    Enhanced ISO/RTO Data and Information for Realtime Trading

    Provides realtime market data updates, event monitoring, and alerts to help identify opportunities and threats relevant to a user’s trading strategy in the ISO/RTOs, including PJM, Midwest (MISO) and Texas (ERCOT) realtime nodal markets with more on their way, including California (CAISO), New York (NYISO), New England (ISONE), Southwest Power Pool (SPP), etc.

  • PowerFeed® for Excel®

    Realtime Data Delivery to Your Spreadsheet

    Provides realtime data from market sources such as PJM, Midwest ISO (MISO), Texas (ERCOT), California (CAISO), New England (ISO-NE), New York (NYISO), Southwest Power Pool (SPP), etc. that can be referenced and manipulated inside Excel® spreadsheets, where the data displayed is automatically updated whenever it changes at the source. Use your own formulas to define custom rules that can trigger actions based on dynamic market data.

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