Innotap® RealDeal® Dashboards

Enhanced ISO/RTO Data and Information for Real-Time Power Trading

Imagine taking the collective knowledge of a trader or trading organization and incorporating it into one application that then collected and analyzed information, alerted you to potential trades, all the while automatically logging the processes for observation in real time or later review. That’s exactly what RealDeal® does for you.

This enterprise-class power trading software incorporates the trader as an integral part of a comprehensive system designed to manage the real-time “Decision Lifecycle” inherent in power and energy trading. RealDeal® enables real-time complex event monitoring, alerting and decision making for market for opportunities and threats that are significant to your trading strategies.

Appreciate the power to make well-informed decisions faster. The interactive RealDeal® Decision Lifecycle diagram below has more information about the specific components.

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Be a Part of the Excitement

We have experienced firsthand the manual, ad hoc processes that are part of of your trading decision lifecycle. Our initial set of energy market products, InstaTrend® PJM, InstaTrend® MISO, and Innotap® Real Time Data solve a very specific set of needs for monitoring market data and alerting traders of targeted business conditions.

We are proud to have satisfied those needs for several Fortune 100 organizations as well as some smaller trading shops. At the urging of our partners and a handful of customers, we are pursuing development of the RealDeal® real-time decision lifecycle management system.

With RealDeal®, power and energy traders and analysts will be able to monitor information in real-time, identify opportunities and threats automatically, make real-time decisions and take actions, evaluate those decisions and actions to update strategies, and visualize and report on the decision making process. We are currently in research and development of this system and are working with a small group of early adopters.

Partner With Us

If your organization is forward thinking and would be interested in helping shape this product, not to mention getting access to this technology well in advance of your competitors and a receiving a significant discount on licensing fees, then please contact us to discuss the potential to partner on this initiative.