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Mass. Regulators OK Eversource’s Plan To Build More Solar Projects

Eversource has announced it will soon begin breaking ground on new solar projects across Massachusetts following approval by the state’s Department of Public Utilities of the company’s plan to increase its commitment to solar energy. The plan, which calls for construction of new utility-scale solar facilities across the state, will increase the amount of solar power produced by Eversource in Massachusetts from 8 MW currently to a maximum of 70 MW statewide.

“We’re proud to be a leader in the clean energy future of Massachusetts as we bring more competitively priced, zero-emission solar power to customers across the commonwealth,” says Jim Judge, president and CEO at Eversource. “We applaud and share the vision of state policy leaders to make the benefits of green energy available to an increasing number of homes, businesses and communities.”

Along with the significant environmental benefits of increasing the number of utility-scale solar plants in Massachusetts, Eversource says there are substantial cost-saving benefits for utility customers as well. The company estimates it will produce solar power for about 18 cents/kWh, compared to upwards of 50 cents/kWh for some private projects currently operating within the state.

Eversource says it will sell the solar energy it produces directly into the regional energy market, and customers will benefit from the proceeds. Additionally, the company will receive solar renewable energy credits for the power it produces and will pass the savings along to customers through electricity rates. As a regulated electric utility in Massachusetts, Eversource will not receive net metering credits, which further reduces the price to customers.

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