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Why We Really Do Need Nuclear Power

…..Nuclear Power Has an Important Role in Our Energy Mix

Nuclear projects may also be granted the same support in the form of contracts for difference but that will not be to the exclusion of renewables. The task of decarbonising our energy system, still dominated by unabated fossil fuels, is large enough to accommodate all forms of low carbon technology. And I disagree that these long-term contracts will “guarantee fuel poverty” since they will insulate against higher future carbon prices.

When it comes to our use of energy there is very little beyond photosynthesis for growing for food that is truly ‘natural.’ I believe we need an informed debate about the different risks associated with our energy use now and in the future.

It is clear that to sustain the world’s population and lift millions from poverty we now need to harness a huge amount of resources to generate clean power. All technologies involve the conversion of ores, manufacturing and distribution processes, all have a foot print on land or sea and all compete with the preservation of natural landscapes and biodiversity.

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