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NRC steps up oversight of Susquehanna nuclear plant

Federal regulators will increase oversight at Talen Energy Corp.’s Susquehanna nuclear power plant after a recent inspection that uncovered a problem with emergency preparedness.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said inspectors reviewing drill scenarios identified a concern on how personnel at the Susquehanna plant would determine the start of a 15-minute clock for emergency assessment of a potential radioactive leak.

Susquehanna officials thought the 15-minute clock started when plant personnel actions were — or were expected to be — unsuccessful in halting reactor coolant system leakage rather than when the leak is first indicated.

NRC inspectors found that the plant workers’ interpretation of the rule would affect plant personnel’s ability to make a timely “site area emergency” declaration in certain cases.

Both units at Susquehanna have primary and secondary containments to prevent a radioactive leak after an accident.

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