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DRESHER, PA – July 1, 2009 – Innotap today announced that it released its newest realtime decision support software products. A very successful hosted beta program in June resulted in several product enhancements. “Our customers provided us with excellent feedback during this program. Because of our agile development and management style, we were able to evolve our products very quickly without sacrificing quality,” said Moon Chung, vice president and chief developer of Innotap.

“Several times during the month, our customers called or sent an instant message to let us know they just made money or avoided losing money as a direct result of using our products,” said Ron Swartz, president of Innotap. “It’s gratifying to know that we’re giving our customers a true competitive advantage by applying state of the art technology. They’re getting the information they need the instant it’s available so they can be ahead of the market.”

Innotap is now offering subscription licenses to its Software as a Service (SaaS) through access to its Peer 1 hosted production environment. Licensed components include InstaTrend® for realtime insight on instantaneous price trends in the PJM and MISO spot markets; RealDeal® PJM Realtime Dashboard for realtime PJM data and event monitoring and alerting; and DecisionDock™ for virtual desktop layout of application windows that can be grouped together in configurable dashboards.

“Just being able to save and subsequently open a user’s desktop with all of their trading applications and customized views of selected market data is saving some users between 15-20 minutes every morning and further reinforces the value add that Innotap® Software brings to the table,” said Swartz.

“Our use of Microsoft’s .NET framework has enabled us to develop a smart client application that is launched just like a web application, except it provides a rich and responsive user interface. We’re delivering a high powered, high performance realtime data delivery and analysis solution that is unsurpassed in the industry,” said Chung.

“We knew we had to leverage the Web to manage our products without sacrificing performance and usability. Our deployment strategy is to deliver solutions that allow our customers to seamlessly access and integrate information in the most cost-effective way possible. So .NET was a no brainer,” added Swartz.

Innotap invites energy traders and analysts to request a demo and trial subscription so they can experience firsthand the power of its new software. Please visit

Contact: Ron Swartz, 215.237.1937, [email protected]