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DRESHER, PA — Mar. 11, 2008 — Innotap is pleased to announce today its support as a Gold Sponsor of the 2008 PJM Annual Meeting of Members, being held at the Kingsmill Resort and Spa in Williamsburg, VA from April 29 through May 1, 2008.

Innotap appreciates the value of this event to PJM members and fully recognizes the significance of the PJM organization as the leading Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) responsible for ensuring reliability of the largest centrally dispatched grid in the world.

Ron Swartz, President of Innotap says, “Members rely on PJM’s valuable suite of tools and data to operate effectively in the PJM market. The challenge is how to constantly analyze a set of related events by monitoring an increasing number of data from PJM and other sources, both internal and external to an organization, in order to identify and respond to specific business conditions as they occur. We refer to these conditions as complex events.”

Innotap believes that effectively processing these complex events is paramount to survival for today’s energy trading organization. As such, Innotap™ software is focused on the real-time monitoring, alerting and decisioning of complex events, to enable immediate response in accordance with the organization’s trading strategies and in light of prior experience.

Innotap is dedicated to helping its customers make better decisions faster. To demonstrate this commitment, Innotap is hosting a meeting area at this year’s Annual Meeting so PJM members who are interested will get a chance to stop by and find out more about Innotap and its products, including InstaTrend™ PJM / MISO, and Real Time Data.

“We always get a lot of positive feedback from energy traders when they sit down with our software. It will be great to offer an opportunity for the market participants to take 5 to 10 minutes to watch our products running live,” says Moon Chung, VP and Chief Developer of Innotap.

Swartz adds, “Our current Fortune 200 customers and smaller trading organizations alike have fully integrated our products into their trading decision processes. We’re confident that any PJM member who has a real-time trading desk will be very interested in what we have to offer. We always look forward to serving our customers’ real-time decision making needs.”