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Comrent, Largest Power-Testing Infrastructure Provider, Acquired by Sunbelt Rentals

Comrent International, a U.S.-based leading power-testing infrastructure provider specializing in load bank solutions for more than two decades, announced it has been acquired by Sunbelt Rentals.

The combination of Comrent and Sunbelt Rentals broadens both companies’ product portfolios and enhances their current market reach to provide unique opportunities for customers in the renewable energy, data center, and utility markets. In addition, Comrent extends its reach through Sunbelt Rentals’ strong global presence, while Sunbelt Rentals has gained a significant share in the commissioning infrastructure solutions market in North America.

“Comrent’s combination of expertise, precision planning, and partnership commitment have benefited Fortune 500 companies for decades, building a track record of experience unmatched in the industry,” said Doug May, CEO of Comrent International. “Our companies are an ideal fit because together, we offer a broader range of mission-critical load testing solutions that align with our customer’s expectations and industry regulations.”

Sunbelt Rentals purchased Comrent from the Global Environment Fund (GEF), a U.S.-based private equity firm investing growth capital in companies that promote sustainability.

“Our strategy was to leverage Comrent’s unique position in the market to grow its digital infrastructure business, while also forging a path in renewable energy, enabling growth in critical markets such as solar, wind, and microgrids,” said Lisa Schule, who managed the Comrent investment for GEF. “The key for us was assembling the right team to transform the company into a full-service solutions provider capable of partnering with key stakeholders in digital and energy infrastructure,” added Justin Heyman, who managed the Comrent investment with Schule.

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