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Kentucky Power proceeding with Pike, Floyd upgrades

ASHLAND, Ky.(Press Release) – Kentucky Power representatives are resuming plans for power upgrades in Pike and Floyd counties.

The Kewanee – Enterprise Park 138-kV Transmission Project involves building approximately five miles of transmission line and a new substation to address electrical needs in the area.

Company representatives announced the project in spring 2018 as the Enterprise Park Economic & Area Improvements Project. The project team hosted an open house to gather input from the public and later selected a proposed route for the power line. Kentucky Power representatives placed the project on hold in 2019 due to changing electrical needs in the area.

“The project no longer requires serving a customer in the Kentucky Enterprise Industrial Park,” said Brett Mattison, president and chief operating officer. “However, our need to provide continued reliable electric service to our customers has not changed.”

The project is intended to address findings verified by PJM Interconnection. PJM Interconnection serves as the regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in 13 states, including Kentucky, and the District of Columbia. The upgrades are expected to increase the electrical grid’s performance and reliability during periods of high electric demand. Company officials are resubmitting for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Company representatives are submitting a line route similar to previously announced plans.

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