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California’s solar power record setting season is here

California’s grid operator reported breaking 11 GW of instantaneous power from large-scale solar power on Saturday at 1:50 PM. Twenty minutes beforehand, the CAISO grid was exporting a record 1.5 GW of electricity, and last Wednesday it hit 93% clean electricity for a moment.

Very soon, there is going to be a headline reading, “California just ran on 100% clean electricity” – and it could very well happen this spring. With that, as happens every spring time in California:

Large-scale solar meets record 49.95% of demand
California blows through solar power, renewable energy output records
Summer solstice sets solar record in California

– we’re in record setting season!

On Saturday, April 13, at 1:50 PM the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) reported instantaneous electricity generation of 11,011 MWac from solar power facilities connected to the transmission grid. If the 7.7 GWdc of behind the meter solar is running optimally, that would probably push total to at least 17 GWac of electricity generation coming from solar power.

The previously reported record by CAISO was set on 3/25 at just over 10.8 GW.

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