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Revolutionary Nilar Hydride® Battery Technology Delivers Unparalleled Energy Storage Life

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Swedish industrial battery manufacturer, Nilar, has developed a method for multiplying the life of its Nilar Hydride® batteries (NiMH). After years of research at its Swedish and US R&D centers, and in close collaboration with leading researchers from Stockholm University, the company made the game-changing announcement in December 2018.

The limited lifetime of batteries is an issue for users. Thanks to the new patented process, the Nilar Hydride®batteries will be able to handle considerably more charging cycles – and thus store and deliver far more energy throughout their lifetime – than other industrial battery technologies. This equates to a significantly reduced cost per kWh, which provides the lowest total cost of battery energy storage available on the global market. The robust, safe and environmentally-friendly characteristics of the battery are unaffected by this breakthrough.

“With this technology breakthrough we have found a way to re-condition a battery,” says Professor Dag Noréus from Stockholm University. “Typically, in Hydride batteries, the metal hydride in one of the electrodes slowly consumes the water-based electrolyte, which connects the plus and minus poles….

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