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New Jersey to accelerate 3.5 GW offshore wind target

While the industry has lagged in the United States, investment in offshore wind will accelerate as states set and work towards goals. Despite New Jersey’s wind legislation being eight years old, however, there has been no development.

“Little progress has been made on offshore wind development in New Jersey despite a pledge from the previous administration to facilitate our growth of offshore wind,” Murphy said in a statement. “We cannot allow for stagnation in this growing sector of our energy economy.”

Murphy’s executive order directs the BPU to begin the rulemaking process to fully develop regulations governing the OREC program. The order also calls for development of an Offshore Wind Strategic Plan for New Jersey that will focus on “critical components” of the offshore industry, including workforce development, data collection, environmental protection and others areas.

The BPU will implement the OREC program by approving financial plans submitted by offshore wind developers….

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