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Malware found in Entergy’s corporate network raises MISO alert

The malware has been eradicated and MISO has dropped its threat level back to 0, or Green, but the event is a reminder of threats the utility industry faces and demonstrates how seriously they are taken.

Entergy said there is no evidence customer data was compromised, though customers did experience slower network responses when logging into their account.

“The systems used to operate Entergy’s nuclear and other power plants, transmission and distribution systems are on separate networks, and are not impacted by this issue,” the company said.

Despite that, MISO said the malware had led to “limiting access to their users which limits their ability to connect to some MISO systems. At this time MISO has full visibility and functionality. Entergy has no connection to Crow or MISO Citrix.”

Entergy is currently investigating the incident.

Three years ago, a cyberattack on Ukraine resulted in widespread power outages. Since then, the power sector has been bolstering its defenses. Last year, more than 6,000 individuals participated last week in a simulated attack on the power grid in an exercise held once every two years by the North American Electric Reliability Corp.

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