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New York will sink $1.5B into renewable energy projects to spur clean energy jobs

Cuomo last week signed an executive order committing New York to uphold Paris accord standards, echoing the defiant tone of dozens of states and cities. Large business interests also opposed the White House’s decision to exit the agreement, which was signed onto by 195 counties in 2015.

“As the federal government abdicates its responsibility to address climate change — at the expense of our environment and economy—New York is leading the nation in advancing a clean energy future,” Cuomo said in a statement. He called the $1.5 billion CCC initiative “a groundbreaking investment, representing the largest state clean energy procurement in U.S. history.”

The initiative will be tackled in partnership with the ILR School’s Worker Institute at Cornell University and Climate Jobs NY.

The Paris climate accord aims to limit global warming to 2°C this century, and would have required an 80% economywide decarbonization for the United States by 2050.

New York has issued requests for proposals for renewable energy projects to power approximately 350,000 homes. The state estimated the first in a series of major procurements would result in the development of 40 to 60 large-scale renewable energy projects by 2022. Complementary solicitations by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the New York Power Authority will invest up to $1.5 billion in wind, commercial solar and solar arrays, small and large-scale hydro, fuel cell and other technologies.

According to the governor’s statement, NYSERDA’s solicitation will procure 1.5 million MWh and NYPA will procure the balance.

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