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China showcases green energy solutions

ASTANA, June 10 (Xinhua) — The China Pavilion of the 2017 World Expo opened on Saturday in the Kazakh capital of Astana, which highlights China’s achievements in developing, utilizing and protecting new energy.

The 2017 World Expo is scheduled for June 10 to September 10, the first time for a Central Asian country to host a global event of this kind. More than 100 countries and 10 international organizations will participate in the exhibition.

The China Pavilion, under the theme “Future Energy, Green Silk Road,” is among the largest at the expo village and the first one put into test operations.
Covering about 1,000 square meters, it aims to share China’s experience in such areas as traditional energy upgrading, new energy, environmental protection and sustainable development.

With “The Past, Today, and Future” as its main timeline, the China Pavilion is composed of the Preface, an Energy Corridor, a Chinese Wisdom and Practice Section, an Energy Dream Theater, a Global Responsibility and Partnership Section, and a Last Section and Reception Area.

Visitors can “drive” China’s most advanced high-speed trains in a simulated train cab running from Chinese northwestern city of Xi’an, a starting point of the ancient Silk Road, all the way to the expo village in Astana.

The China Pavilion exhibits models of smart refrigerators and cookers, which can automatically control temperatures based on what is being stored and cooked, so that energy is saved without compromising freshness and taste.

A household energy management system can distribute power to different parts of a house at different time of the day to maximize the efficiency of power consumption.

Electric vehicle technology demonstrates how the Chinese people seek to improve their way of traveling.

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