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Tesla announces new electric grid services by bundling Powerwalls and Powerpacks

Tesla has already been offering energy storage services to electric utilities with the Powerpack – like its 80 MWh Powerpack station with Southern California Edison.

But now, the company announces that it will be bundling its residential energy storage product, the Powerwall, with the Powerpack to create “a single resource of shared energy.”

It’s a service that has been popular in Germany with other energy storage suppliers where electric utilities not only employ large-scale energy storage, like the Powerpack, but also a lot of smaller residential installations which they can access to control the load.

Tesla has two case studies of Powerwall aggregation projects that they did ahead of officially introducing the service today.

They are installing over 100 Powerwalls with Pacific Gas & Electric in homes in San Jose. When combined with smart-grid inverters, the installation give PG&E access to 330 kW/640 kWh, which they can use for “voltage and reactive power support and dynamic capacity”.

A similar project is underway with Southern California Edison in Santa Ana, where they are installing 50 Powerwall 2 in homes for 250 kW/675 kWh of capacity.

The announcement of the new service today includes a partnership between Tesla and Green Mountain Power, a utility in Vermont.
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