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Mercedes-Benz and Vivint Solar partner to compete with Tesla in home energy

Mercedes-Benz is partnering with U.S.-based Vivint Solar to compete with Tesla and similar companies in residential solar energy and storage.

Mercedes-Benz Energy will combine its 2.5 kilowatt-hour energy storage batteries with a Vivint’s rooftop to make a combined product for homeowners.

“As Mercedes-Benz electrifies its vehicle fleet, solar plus storage is essential to enable those vehicles to be powered by clean energy,” said Boris von Bormann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, in a press release. He added that a similar program has already been successful in Europe.

Costs will vary depending on the system, but a fully installed 2.5 kWh battery system, when paired with a solar energy system will cost about $5,000, according to a Vivint Solar spokesperson. A 20 kWh home energy storage system — made of several connected batteries —will cost about $13,000 fully installed.

The offering includes the complete package: batteries, inverter, all required technical components, professional installation, permitting, system design and consultation with Vivint Solar. The installation of the entire system, including the solar panels and the battery, typically takes one to two days, once permits are secured.

With the partnership, both companies will be able to provide a product offering similar to those that other firms are bringing to market.

Tesla in particular has touted the benefits of selling energy storage batteries with solar panels. The company has begun taking orders for its solar roof tiles, which can be connected to its Powerwall batteries.

But the news also comes at a time when some indicators have suggested slowdowns in the solar power business.
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