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New Jersey lawmakers mull study on nuclear emissions credits

New Jersey isn’t the first state to consider financial credits for nuclear generation, and it seems the industry wants to avoid walking into familiar traps.

PJM urged lawmakers to include potential wholesale impacts—the sticking point where similar ideas have been stopped in the past. The Electric Power Supply Association lent support to those suggestions in a separate filing, and pointed to legal challenges in other states.

Both Illinois and New York have enacted ZEC programs, and each has been challenged.

Monitoring Analytics, the independent market monitor for the PJM Interconnection, has filed in federal court to block ZECs the Illinois legislature passed late last year to support two Exelon Nuclear plants. In New York, Exelon, environmental advocates and the New York Public Service Commission have all filed briefs at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission defending the state’s ZEC program, after merchant generators took issue with it.

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