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LG Chem Launches Residential Energy Storage Systems in North America

LG Chem has formally launched its series of residential battery systems (RESU) for the North American market.

This is the first foray for LG Chem into the North American residential market, following successful completion of UL certification and the successful implementation of energy storage systems in Europe and Asia, especially in Germany, Italy, the U.K., Japan and Australia.

The North American residential energy storage systems work for both indoor and outdoor installation and come in two voltage options: A low-48 volt version and a high-400 volt version. LG says the 400 volt storage is compatible with SolarEdge’s StorEdge single inverter for both solar systems and storage. LG Chem plans to offer additional inverter compatibility options later this year.

LG Chem is partnering with Sunrun, an energy storage provider, to supply the LG Chem RESU systems. Sunrun has already installed initial systems in both Hawaii and California, and LG says it is in negotiations to provide coverage for the systems to all U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

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