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Exelon Corporation: Local Businesses Booming as Braidwood Generating Station Refueling Outage Gets Underway

Braceville, Ill. – Operators at Exelon Generation’s Braidwood Generating Station removed Unit 2 from service early this morning to commence the nuclear plant’s spring refueling and maintenance outage. However, the outage’s positive impact to the local economy began more than a week ago as more than 1,400 skilled outage workers began settling in, dining in local restaurants, lodging in nearby hotels and frequenting regional businesses.

‘Braidwood’s employees and supplemental workers do more than just support the plant-they fuel our economy,’ said Braidwood Mayor Jim Vehr. ‘A steady flow of good-paying jobs and seasonal purchasing makes Braidwood an even more attractive destination for shops, restaurants and other local businesses. In fact, we are currently in talks with a developer looking to build a new hotel in town.’

With the unit offline, technicians will replace nearly one-third of the reactor’s fuel and perform more than 10,000 inspections and maintenance activities to keep the unit running safely and effectively for another 18 months. The outage follows a ‘breaker-to-breaker’ run by Braidwood Unit 2, which means the unit was continuously online and delivering clean energy since its last refueling outage. This industry-leading reliability is just one of the many economic and environmental benefits that Braidwood, and all six Exelon nuclear facilities, deliver for Illinois.

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