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Primus Power launches new low cost, long-duration storage solution

Primus Power’s long duration, fade-free flow battery EnergyPod2. Source: Primus Power Corporation

California-headquartered provider of low-cost, long-duration storage systems Primus Power has launched the EnergyPod 2, the second generation of its long-duration, fade-free flow battery.

Primus is shipping systems to US and international utilities, including Puget Sound Energy in Washington State.

With a five-hour duration and 20-year life, EnergyPod 2 delivers a total cost of ownership up to 50% less than leading conventional lithium-ion battery systems, the company claims.

The solution is ideal for peak shaving for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers that typically face high electricity bills during peak periods. Long duration energy storage can shift loads from on-peak times to off-peak times, thereby significantly reducing demand charges.

The California Public Utility Commission wrote in a recent staff report that “more hours of peak shifting capability would be more effective in removing generated energy from the grid at peak supply times and injecting it into the grid at peak demand times.” This exemplifies the growing need for long-duration storage solutions.

Recent reforms to California’s Self Generation Incentive Programme (SGIP) benefitted long-duration technologies that previously missed out on the incentive, through the extended US$83 million a year awarded to behind-the-meter storage.

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