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21 US States Have Energy Storage Pipelines of 20MW or More

According to GTM Research, 21 U.S. states now have 20 megawatts of energy storage projects proposed, in construction or deployed. In fact, 10 U.S. states have pipelines greater than 100 megawatts.

The data comes from GTM Research’s new U.S. Energy Storage Data Hub, part of the company’s Energy Storage Service, launched today.

Energy storage is no longer confined to a handful of U.S. states. GTM Research is tracking 2.5 gigawatts of front-of-meter energy storage projects outside of California. Texas, Hawaii, Ohio and Illinois round out the top five.

According to the Energy Storage Data Hub, states across the nation now have a combined 140 policies and regulations pending or in place concerning front-of-meter energy storage, many of which are driving this geographic expansion. For instance, Utah’s state legislature recently passed a bill pertaining to utility investments in energy storage projects; Oregon and Massachusetts are the second and third states to introduce storage mandates, respectively; and New York City became the first municipality to set a storage target.

“Front-of-meter energy storage markets are advancing at a feverish pace, enabled by an intricate set of drivers across states and wholesale markets,” said Ravi Manghani, GTM Research’s director of energy storage. “Declining costs coupled with maturing regulations have led to storage deployments of 10 megawatts or more in 14 states.” While the industry has largely concentrated on California in the recent months, GTM Research has tracked over 120 policies and regulations that impact markets outside of California.

At the federal level, FERC’s ongoing notice of proposed rulemaking (NOPR) process is putting forth suggestions for broad wholesale market changes to encourage energy storage participation…..

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