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AEP Ohio’s 10 biggest customers include steel-makers, oil and gas companies

AEP Ohio has 10,000 industrial customers, but its top 10 users account for 31 percent of its sales in the category.

The tidbit is one of many included in a lengthy presentation American Electric Power Company Inc. (NYSE:AEP) executives gave this week at the electric utility industry’s biggest conference.

ust 10,000 of AEP Ohio’s 1.47 million customers are industrial companies. Most – 1.28 million – are residential customers, and the rest are commercial.

Though small in number, these companies are major consumers of electricity.

So, let’s take a break from policy nitty gritty that has dominated AEP’s plate in recent years and take a look at its major customers, as of Dec. 31.

Timken Steel Corp.

Premcor Refining Group Inc.

Republic Steel

Globe Metallurgical Inc.

Marathon Petroleum Company LP

Linde Gas LLC

Owens Corning Sales LLC

Cardinal Gas Services LLC

Eramet Marietta Inc.

Markwest Utica EMG LLC

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