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PJM to connect 500 MW in Maryland offshore wind power

US Wind Inc. has proposed a 247.8 MW MFO (64.4 MWC) offshore wind facility to be located in the Atlantic Ocean about 14 miles off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland.

A September 2016 study on the the project from PJM Interconnection said that PJM studied this project, under queue #AB1-056, as a 247.8 MW injection into the Delmarva Power and Light system and evaluated it for compliance with reliability criteria for summer peak conditions in 2019. Project AB1-056 was studied with a commercial probability of 100 percent.
The planned in-service date, as stated during the kick-off call, is March 1, 2020.

AB1-056 will interconnect with the Delmarva Power and Light system at the Indian River 230-kV North Substation at a 230-kV terminal off an existing 230-kV breaker and a half leg within the substation.
At one point in the study, this project is said to consist of 62 offshore 4 MW wind turbines. At another point, the study says the project consists of 41 General Electric Haliade-150 6 MW wind turbines. Both versions total around 246-248 MW.

The intent of this System Impact Study is to determine a plan, with approximate cost and construction time estimates, to connect the subject generation interconnection project to the PJM network at a location specified by US Wind. This is a mid-point in the PJM queue process.

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