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Sonnen teams up with Enbala, combining storage with grid management

As the competition heats up for market share in the energy storage sector, battery makers are forming alliances with software companies as ways to enhance the connectivity and value of their batteries.

Sonnen, which is taking on Tesla in the U.S., has now teamed up with Enbala Power Networks. The company has a head start from its home market of Germany, where it is already selling a community approach to storage that involves aggregating and controling many behind-the-meter systems.

Enbala’s smart grid technology connects utilities, system operators and customers in order to make the electricity system more flexible and reliable.

Enbala, like other companies in the space, is attracting the interest not only of battery makers but utilities looking to invest in storage companies as a way to enhance the reactivity of their distribution systems and improve their ability to collect data in order to analyze customer usage.

The integration of the Sonnen’s batteries with Enabala’s Symphony distributed energy aggregation and control platform gives Sonnen a packaged approach to provide an overall storage solution to customers.

In a similar move, Tesla in January teamed up with SolarEdge Technologies, a manufacturer of inverter technology that manages and monitors solar energy generation, consumption, and storage.

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