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ERCOT: Power OK for Spring, Summer

With enough power to meet the state’s needs, Texas is unlikely to experience brownouts or rolling blackouts this spring and summer, its grid operator said.

The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas said its forecasts indicate the system will have more than 79,000 megawatts of generation available this spring to handle and expected peak demand of 58,000 MW.

The spring peak is most likely to occur in late May, following completion of most seasonal power plant maintenance that occurs in preparation for summer demand.

“Recent weather trends suggest that, although there will likely be some colder-than-normal periods in the spring, they will be minimal in terms of intensity,” said Chris Coleman, ERCOT senior meteorologist. “The month of May shows potential for above-normal temperatures, which could lead to an early taste of summer.”

In a separate preliminary report, ERCOT anticipates summer peak demand could set a record at more than 70,000 MW, which still would be well under the grid’s 79,000 MW of power.

Part of the generation margin rests with new solar energy additions, ERCOT said. Registered wholesale installed solar capacity now tops 200 MW.

“As a result, solar resources are estimated at 171 MW, or 58 percent, based on typical performance of those resources during spring peak demand conditions,” the grid operator said.

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