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Solar-storage system helps Hawaii aquaculture facility operate off grid

Mari’s Garden faces high energy consumption due to aquaponics on site that combine growing plants hydroponically with growing fish through aquaculture. Because the facility is located in Hawaii, they are faced with expensive electricity and vulnerability to power outages. The company sought out renewable energy generation that could seamlessly connect with energy storage, and supported their goal of being off-grid with sustainable, reliable power for their facility.

“Agricultural settings such as Mari’s Garden are particularly mindful of electricity rates, and require reliable, sustainable power to meet their demands,” Nick Dizon, the Hawaii-based project developer and owner of NIDON Clean Energy, said in a statement.

To address those needs, NIDON combined EnSync power controls, particularly its inverter technology, with Aquion Energy’s lithium hybrid battery.

While EnSync managment systems are compatible with a variety of battery technologies, ensuring power duration for over 16 hours was critical in this installation, “so the solution included EnSync’s advanced energy management system integrated with the Aquion Energy salt water battery,” Dan Nordloh, vice president at EnSync, said in a release.

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