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Energy storage is now

As part of our pv magazine LIVE series, we have published two new video interviews with Sonnen USA CEO Boris von Bormann looking at the company’s new Eco plug-and-play battery storage offering for the U.S. market as well as Sonnen’s trajectory as a company.

There are many reasons why batteries are the natural complement to the deployment of increasing volumes of solar PV. Chiefly, in leading solar markets the installation of more and more solar will ultimately mean that there will be a need to soak up excess daytime production as well as a need to meet electricity needs during periods of low solar production and overnight.

As such, we at pv magazine have expanded our coverage to examine the nascent energy storage market globally. Last December the United States had an exciting breakthrough with Sonnen’s introduction of a plug-and-play battery storage solution for the U.S. residential market.

pv magazine staff recently travelled to Sonnen’s new U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, and we bring you a two-part video interview with Sonnen USA CEO Boris von Bormann.

In part 1, von Bormann talks about the Sonnen Eco, how this integrated solution works, and what needs it will meet.

In part 2, von Bormann tells the story of Sonnen’s dramatic growth in the U.S. market, and shares his thoughts on global markets and drivers.

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