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Barclay Proposes Legislation to Support FitzPatrick in New York’s Energy Mix

ssemblyman Will Barclay has introduced two bills in his continued effort to support the nuclear power industry and keep the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant operational.

One bill would provide a temporary tax credit for the FitzPatrick plant (A8688).

The other bill (A9033), among other things, expands New York State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to include nuclear power.

Currently, New York’s Renewable Portfolio Standard only includes solar and wind generated power but excludes nuclear power even though all three types of generation do not emit CO2.

This bill also makes nuclear power plants, like its solar and wind brethren, eligible to receive proceeds obtained by the state through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Both pieces of legislation are being carried by Sen. Patty Ritchie in the State Senate.

“This legislation would put nuclear power on par with other zero-carbon power producers. Nuclear power is a clean, efficient, and reliable energy resource for New York State. It is time for New York State to recognize the importance of nuclear power and support the industry like it does with other zero-carbon power producers. My legislation accomplishes this and also will go a long way towards keeping the FitzPatrick Nuclear plant operational,” said Barclay.

Oswego County is home to three of the six nuclear power generators in New York which produce 30% of the state’s energy.

According to the Brattle Group, Upstate New York’s nuclear generating facilities account for 25,000 full-time jobs.

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