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Dangerous arctic cold to invade midwestern, northeastern US

An outbreak of arctic air will bring the lowest temperatures of the season so far and dangerous cold to the Midwest this weekend, before moving into the East early next week.

The latest arctic blast will send thermometer readings to the minus 20s F over part of the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest. The temperature may stay below zero for 48 hours in parts of North Dakota and Minnesota this weekend.

AccuWeather RealFeelĀ® Temperatures will be life-threatening if people venture out without being properly dressed from the northern Plains to the Ohio Valley.

The spotty snow showers will extend from parts of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri to portions of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky on Sunday.

The bursts of snow and sudden drop in visibility can catch motorists cruising along on the highways by surprise. Roads can go from dry to wet and then snow-covered in a matter of minutes.
During Sunday night, the arctic front and the snow showers riding along will then blast across the Appalachians, erasing the mild air from the weekend.

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