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Internet of Things Will Speed up Shift to Microgrids…

Better, smarter, faster microgrids are coming, according to recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan — but the capital required to implement the best-of-the-best is still a challenge for many communities.

“The emergence of the Internet of Things will strengthen communication channels between machines and minimize human intervention, thereby speeding up the shift to an integrated microgrid structure,” said TechVision research analyst Guhan Sriram R V. “The incorporation of predictive analysis will further bolster the reliability of the microgrid.”

Indeed, microgrids are becoming more efficient as sensors improve. Advanced batteries and super-capacitors — that is, better energy storage — will facilitate efficient distributed power flow. And the use of wide band gap semiconductor-based power electronics will deliver fast switching and better power handling capabilities — even as faster communication protocols for microgrids pave the way for better grid and source control.

“Microgrids would help bring in deregulation in power systems, thereby end an era of monopolized power sector in some regions. This will open the market to private energy providers, increase the competition, and bring down the cost of electricity,” noted Guhan.

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