SPP, MISO, PJM States Join Opposition to Clean Power Plan RSS Feed

August 17, 2015
By Tom Kleckner

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — While SPP says it is continuing to analyze the 1,500 pages in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, some stakeholders in the RTO’s 14-state footprint wasted no time taking action.

In the first of several expected legal challenges, state attorneys general from half of SPP’s states and six of MISO’s were among 15 who last week asked a federal court in D.C. to block the rules. Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming joined West Virginia in filing a petition seeking a stay of the plan pending the outcome of expected legal challenges.

Also joining the petition were Wisconsin (MISO), Ohio (PJM) and Indiana and Kentucky (MISO and PJM). Alabama and Florida, outside of any organized markets, also joined.

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