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ISO-NE Tariff Changes Make Renewables More Easily Dispatchable

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has accepted revisions to the ISO-NE Tariff that make wind and hydropower resources more readily dispatchable (ER15-1509).

The changes “will minimize the need to use manual curtailment processes and thus, provide for a more economically efficient use of these resources,” FERC wrote.

The recent increase in the integration of variable renewable resources in relatively remote areas of the transmission system has caused increased congestion, ISO-NE said. These resources do not have direct control over their net power output, are not currently electronically dispatchable and must be manually curtailed to manage congestion, which is inefficient.

ISO-NE said the new method would manage localized congestion through Do Not Exceed (DNE) Dispatch Points — the lesser of the maximum output level at which the resource would operate in economic dispatch, or a reliability limit representing the maximum output consistent with reliability constraints.

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