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Peach Bottom nuclear power plant could run out of spent fuel storage space in 2019

Most people will never get a chance to stare down at nuclear fuel rods submerged in the eerie blue water of a spent fuel pool.

For Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station employees, however, working near tens of thousands of used fuel rods — still lethally radioactive — is business as usual.

Some of those rods have been in the fuel pool since 1976, according to Krista Connelly, spokeswoman for the southern York County power plant.

But with nowhere off-site to store the fuel, Connelly said Peach Bottom is running out of places to put it.

“In its current configuration, Peach Bottom has enough storage space in its existing spent fuel pools and its dry cask storage facility to accommodate normal refueling operations until 2019,” Connelly said.

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