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Facebook’s new data center will run entirely on renewable energy

The second-most visited website in the world is building another data center, this time in Fort Worth, Texas, Facebook announced this week. This will be Facebook’s fifth data center, following ones in Oregon, North Carolina, Iowa, and Sweden.

Facebook says that, like its Iowa one, this new data center will run on 100 percent renewable energy, powered by wind turbines only 90 miles away. To further cut the data center’s emissions, the company’s stacks of servers will be cooled using natural air, mitigating the need for air conditioning units.

Additionally, Facebook will be taking its designs open source for the Fort Worth Data Center through its Open Compute Project.

Many see this as a bright move for the company that’s trying to reduce its carbon footprint since it built its first data center in 2010. The company has repeatedly redesigned its servers to optimize efficiency and flexibility.

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