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ERCOT Seeks Fee Increase

ERCOT wants to increase its revenues — and it’s seeking another rate hike to make it happen.

In documents filed with Texas regulators, the operator of the state’s principal power grid seeks to hike the fee that finances its operations from the current 46.5 cents per megawatt hour to 55.5 cents per megawatt hour.

The nine-cent hike would be applied to wholesale power purchases, meaning that it won’t go directly into home bills. But it’s sure to trickle down anyway, and could increase your energy costs by 10 cents or more each month.

ERCOT, also known as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, says it needs the extra money to pay for new technology-related projects and for other new responsibilities — including those mandated by federal regulators. It also says it needs the money to keep up with inflation.

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