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‘Smart Grid’ Comes to Live Oak

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is installing intelligent switches to build a smart grid serving the Live Oak area.

In the event of an outage, this self-healing technology can isolate a trouble spot such as a downed power line or a utility pole damaged by a car crash, then reroute power to restore a majority of customers, all within a few minutes.

“These intelligent switches and remote sensing devices will enhance electric reliability in Live Oak. This equipment can automatically begin to restore power well before crews arrive for assessment and repairs,” said Clay Schmidt, senior manager of PG&E’s Sierra Division.

The three intelligent switches are being installed on utility poles on Township Road south of Pennington Road, on Larkin Road south of Kristen Street, and on Clark Road west of Larkin Road. The devices work together to isolate trouble areas and re-route power.

PG&E is investing $325,000 in this project. When coupled with remote sensing devices, the project will provide improved reliability to 3,200 homes and businesses in Live Oak. Installation is underway with the system scheduled to be fully operational this summer.

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