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#Peach_Bottom Atomic producing more nuclear power

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station recently reached a new high with its Unit 2 reactors, producing 1,320 megawatts per hour, enough to power about 125,000 additional homes and businesses, said spokeswoman Krista Merkel.

Peach Bottom, located on the west bank of the Susquehanna River, hopes to plans to make similar improvements to its Unit 3 reactor by this time next year, Merkel said.

The improvements, which will combine to power an additional 250,000 homes and businesses, are part of a scheduled extended power uprate that began in 2010.

“When market conditions are favorable, extended power uprates all us to deliver additional carbon-free power for hundreds of thousands of regional consumers without the challenges of new construction,” Merkel wrote in an email. “Essentially, we are replacing or upgrading Peach Bottom’s primary systems to add an additional margin of safety and generation capacity.”

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