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Oxis to roll out Li-S energy storage batteries next year

Oxis Energy is gearing up to sell its energy storage batteries in 2016. The lithium sulfur (Li-S) battery developer, which unveiled a solar storage technology demonstration project in early June with Proinso, predicts a battery price of $250/kWh in 2020.

At the start of June, Oxis Energy Ltd announced, along with PV company, Proinso, the launch of Project Helios, a demonstration center set up to test the Oxis Solar Centre for Autonomous Research’s (OSCAR) Li-S solar storage technology in a “real world” environment.

“The Lithium Sulfur batteries are working very well in the OSCAR facility, with batteries charging through the solar panels and powering equipment in the OSCAR building,” spokeswoman, Gaenor Howells told pv magazine. “The testing continues and allows us to make further refinements to the battery design.”

Based in Oxford, England, at the Culham Science Centre, the Project Helios demonstration combines a 3.8 kWp solar PV power generation system with a 48V 3 kWh Oxis Li-S battery. The 16 PV panels feed into an SMA Sunny Boy inverter. The energy generated is used to power a charger for a driverless vehicle and an SMA Sunny Island battery inverter.

Howells told pv magazine the company’s Li-S energy storage batteries should available for purchase by the end of next March. “We are now testing the batteries, making refinements, ramping up production, ready for sale of the batteries next year,” she said.

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