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NYISO touts savings, reliability for power

The NY Independent System Operator, a non-profit organization that coordinates, controls and routes electricity as it goes from power plants through the state’s grid to consumers, is out with a study of their first 15 years and they say their approach has saved millions and helped sustain a reliable power supply across the state.

The move was similar in some ways to the breakup of phone monopolies years earlier, with one of the side effects being a proliferation of smaller entries in the business of making and operating phones and phone service which eventually led to the rise of mobile and today’s smart phones.

Following changes enacted by Congress and picked up on the state level, New York deregulated the power industry in the mid 1990s. Essentially that splitg the transmission, or power lines, operated by deliverers like National Grid, from the power plants, which are now largely in the hands of privately held companies or public entities such as the NY Power Authority.

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