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Internet of Things creeps into the energy sector

“We know the development of electricity production and distribution schemes and our electricity grid, including smart meters and smart grids, will closely correspond to the further development of the Internet,” said Peter Altmaier, the chief of staff of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a former environment minister.

“This is something that’s not yet fully reflected in discussions. We are discussing electricity, others are discussing industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things,” Altmaier told the conference, organised by industry association Eurelectric.

Smart grids digitally trace energy consumption recorded by smart meters, and can streamline power back to users.

“Every machine will have an IP address, where machines are interconnected with machines and with people. Industry 4.0 (creates) a lot of possibilities and opportunities also for the development of a sustainable production and supply system of electricity,” Altmaier said.

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