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FERC Approves NV Energy Request to Join California Energy Imbalance Market

On May 14, 2015, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) issued an order addressing NV Energy’s proposed tariff changes for joining the California Independent System Operator (“CAISO”) Energy Imbalance Market (“EIM”) in Docket No. ER15-1196 (the “Order”). In its order, FERC conditionally accepted NV Energy’s proposed EIM tariff revisions, subject to further compliance filings by NV Energy and any modifications resulting from the conclusion of FERC’s ongoing Federal Power Act Section 206 investigation of CAISO’s EIM involving the operation of CAISO’s EIM with PacifiCorp (Dkt. Nos. ER15-861-000 and EL15-53-000).

…………While NV Energy adopted elements of the PacifiCorp tariff, NV Energy’s proposed changes differed from PacifiCorp’s in at least a few aspects, the most significant of which were: (1) the proposed use of Available Transfer Capacity (“ATC”) for EIM Transfers (as contrasted with PacifiCorp’s use of transmission capacity donated by interchange rights holders); and (2) use of the full CAISO LMP, including the marginal loss component, to settle imbalances.

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