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FERC Accepts ISO-NE Capacity Auction Results

The Utility Workers Union of America Local 464 had challenged the results, charging that the Brayton Point Power Station illegally withheld capacity from the auction in order to drive up prices. (See Union: Void ISO-NE Capacity Auction Results.) The union tried unsuccessfully to make a similar complaint stick last year with the results of FCA 8.

“We are not persuaded by Utility Workers Union’s allegations that market manipulation affected FCA 9, as the record is devoid of any evidence to that effect,” FERC wrote.

The 1517-MW Massachusetts generator is slated to close in 2017. Energy Capital Partners, the plant’s former owner, did not offer it in the last two capacity auctions in New England, covering the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 capacity commitment periods. Brayton Point was sold last year to Dynegy, which said it would close the plant on the previously announced schedule. (See Dynegy Becomes New England Player Overnight.)

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