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Tesla Challenge’s the World’s Perception of Energy

On April 30th, Tesla once again made us rethink how we use energy. What’s their newest ambition? Home and industrial battery packs. Similar to the batteries that are used in Tesla’s electric sports cars, Tesla hopes to enter your home and business using the same technology. “We’re talking about trying to change the fundamental energy infrastructure of the world,” he said during the unveiling of the grandiose idea. “This is actually within the power of humanity to do. It is not impossible.”

The batteries show potential because of their attempt to optimize the consumer’s energy use. One could use the batteries as a backup energy source in a home. Another may purchase energy at night, when cheaper, and use it during the day. In addition, one’s solar panels could store energy for later use. Overall, Tesla’s new venture shows potential but only time will tell.

The idea isn’t completely foreign. Energy providers Duke Energy Corp. and Edison International have batteries installed near their wind farms. They store the energy during the day, and then release it in the afternoon when the demand for energy is greater. Other companies are currently installing batteries for businesses like large retailers and hotels to help optimize their energy use as well.

Tesla plans to release their battery sometime this summer from their California Car factory. The batteries will range from a $3,000 7 kilowatt-hour wall-mounted unit to a $3,500 10 kwh unit. This is significantly cheaper than price observers expected. Expectations for the batteries price were around $13,000. Competitors Sungevity and Sonnenbatterie released a battery earlier this week costing $10,000, significantly more expensive than Tesla. Tesla plans to also sell larger batteries to industrial users. Tesla believes demand will be strong in both countries where solar power is popular and developing countries, which do not have power lines.

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