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Graph Of The Day: How Utilities See Themselves In 2030

Power utility businesses around the world are finally, and rapidly, waking up to the enormous changes taking place in the global energy market. That is what we have been noticing here in Australia, and that is the major message from the latest PwC global power & utilities report.

The report, released on Wednesday, shows that over two-thirds (70 per cent) of senior energy industry executives they surveyed (and they surveyed 73 of them, from 70 different companies and across 50 different countries) expected significant or very significant market model change by 2030 — a huge increase of awareness, or acceptance, from 2014, when less that half of survey respondents

(41 per cent) said utility business models would be ‘completely transformed’ by then.

But how? What shape will future utilities and energy markets take? PwC asked their energy executives a variety of questions about this, and the answers – illustrated in the chart below – are pretty illuminating.

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