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Energy Investors Should Follow Elon Musk (Almost) Anywhere

The world now knows. The future will be powered by batteries. The recent announcement by Elon Musk of his Tesla Motors’ Tesla Powerwall has begun to focus attention on the potential of this technology to combine with distributed solar power generation, among other renewable technologies, to allow a carbon-less, or at least a less-carbon energy future, with not only Teslas on the road but also cars by Apple and Google.

Musk and his tech colleagues think big and think disruption, so don’t be surprised if this bet pays early and often. So, no surprise, I would put a buy and hold recommendation on Tesla, plus a basket of the other companies developing energy storage solutions. Not only is this the next big thing, it will likely be a lasting thing.

Not that oil is now over. Oil will be with us for a very long time. I “called the bottom” of the great over-hyped plunge of 2014/2015 and also predicted the current point of the recovery in this column. But we are at the dawn of Elon Musk’s future, so investors should follow his process.

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