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Can smart grids weather the storm?

….Why is it important to be weather-ready now?

With weather becoming increasingly volatile each year, being prepared for it is even more pertinent than before. In recent years, severe and unpredicted weather events such as thunderstorms, blizzards and hurricanes have accounted for 57 percent of power outages and have significantly impacted utility operations and their bottom line. Pair the fact that 66 percent of outages affecting customers are due to weather-related events with aging infrastructure and the problem becomes even further exacerbated.

Grids are straining to stay up to date in a global climate that continues to evolve and transform. With minimum automation technology, utilities find much difficulty in maintaining a clear understanding of weather threats, impacts and what’s needed to fix the problem. Many utilities are becoming increasingly aware of the situation and are addressing the inescapable necessity of being weather ready.

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