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PJM Picks LS Power for Artificial Island Stability Fix; Dominion Loses Out

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. — PJM planners will recommend to the Board of Managers that LS Power build a new 230-kV transmission line from New Jersey’s Artificial Island to Delaware to address stability issues at the nuclear complex, they announced Tuesday at a special meeting of the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee.

LS Power’s commitment to limit construction costs to $146 million was a driving factor of the decision, said Paul McGlynn, general manager of system planning. PJM also felt the proposal has the best chance of being able to secure permits.

“It is our opinion that the LS Power proposal provides greater flexibility and can mitigate some of the permitting risk involved in siting,” he said. “It is staff’s intent to recommend installing a 230-kV line under the Delaware River using horizontal directional drilling technology and designate that to LS Power.”

Public Service Electric & Gas and Transource Energy — two other finalists for the project — were chosen for necessary connection facilities. Dominion Resources, the fourth finalist, is not included in PJM’s recommendation, which it will make to the Board of Managers after May 29, the deadline for stakeholders to submit comments.
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