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Nuclear Energy in the U.S. is Not Dead, Yet

Lots of people in the US want to write the obituary of the nuclear energy industry in the US. Among their reasons the high cost of new reactors, the low price of natural gas, and a skeptical public spooked by the shadow of Fukushima.

EIS for PPL’s new reactor at Blue Bend

If imminent demise was on the event horizon for nuclear energy, then why would PPL be still in pursuit of a combined license for a new 1600 MW Areva EPR at its Bell Bend site in Pennsylvania. This week the NRC announced that it had released for comment a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for the new reactor. The preliminary NRC staff recommendation, based on the EIS, is that the license should be granted to the utility.

The agency will conduct a separate safety review and a hearing will be held before the Commission makes a decision on the license.

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